Siyaphambili Founder and Assistant In Horrific Car Accident

Siyaphambili Accident

On the 4th August 2014 Ndileka Xameni ( Director and Founder ) of Siyaphambili and Anele Gqasana  were involved in  tragic car accident on their way to fetch food for the Siyaphambili children. Fortunately no one was harm but the vehicle which they were travelling on was  damaged.

Siyaphambili has been using this vehicle for year and its damage means that the Orphanage will struggle with taking the kids to school, fetching them from their appointment and also fetching the day to day food donations needed to ensure that that organization operates.


Ndileka and Anele were not harmed but in shock as the accident happened due to reckless driving of an careless driver. We are glad to report that they are doing well and fully recovered from the shock and injuries of the accident.





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