Siyaphambili Eastern Cape Branch

Nosicelo;Sis1 20140826_155728Siyaphambili Orphan Village has opened a new branch in the Eastern Cape in Bedford, in Bongweni Township. The reason for this big move on the part of Siyaphambili is that it has seen the need to have the same services it offers its beneficiaries in Langa Township that they are more needed in the rural outskirts of the Eastern Cape.

The initial phase will start with feeding scheme in the community for the children, elderly and also sickly. The meals will also cater for those who are in the nearby clinic and who are currently taking ARV.We know that HIV/AIDS is still very taboo subject that there are limited support structures in the rural areas and want to provide counselling and after school programmes that will aid the community in combating stereo typing and advance knowledge of HIV/Aids and most importantly a support structure for the most vulnerable and neglected.

If you are keen to volunteer or assists Siyaphambili in any aspect of developing this branch please contact us on the following:


Address: 26 Sizakhele Location, Bongweni Township, Bedford 5780



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