Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission
Siyaphambili’s mission is to restore children’s dignity and security by providing a home for them that gives them hope, care, security, protection and comfort. Siyaphambili advocate and protect the rights of children and vulnerable people by providing emotional, physical, health and psychological support to them and the family members who are available and present.

Siyaphambili Orphan Village serves a hot lunch daily to all and full meals for the children in residence. There are 28 children connected to the crèche. Although the number of children that are served lunch varies from about 33 per day to 100.

Our visionL1090078
Our long-term goal is for Siyaphambili to buy our own land so that we may build a village for children and the young vulnerable people so we can create a safe environment that looks after their needs. We strive to for a society where human rights and children’s rights particularly are respected. We want children and young people to grown up in a safe environment to strong, self-sufficient and happy adults that in the end can contribute positively to society.