The Power of Sharing

We often forget that even if we are going through many issues there are children out there experiencing worse situations that even your adult self wouldn’t be able to handle.This past weekend a good friend of mine Chevon Groenewald showed me that there are many individuals who care about their communities and giving back.

IMG-20130824-WA0019Chevon Groenewald being an active citizen and giving her time to Siyaphambili Orphan Village


When we talk about helping others who are less fortunate than ourselves it does not mean that one has to do things that are gigantic in gesture or involve large amounts of money. But rather doing something that comes from the heart and with a genuine wanting to make a difference in someone else life.IMG-20130824-WA0018 IMG-20130824-WA0017 IMG-20130824-WA0012 IMG-20130824-WA0003

Over the few past months I have been sharing with friends and family about my volunteering work at Siyaphambili and that they should also be more involved in their community initiatives.Then one day Chevon asked ” how can I do something or give back?” I replied and said giving back doesn’t have to take much sometimes offering an hour of our time or helping out with organizations such as Siyaphambili that could be considered as helping change the world for the better.

Chevon decided to share what she had, her clothing that had been piling up in her home and had no use for the clothing. She brought to the organizations shoes and clothing and bags for the young ladies who were very excited.Furthermore, she donated meat for the organizations and also spent time with the children.

Thank you Chevon and many other citizens that continue to support Siyaphambili Orphan Village with donations of kindness and devoting their time to making a difference in other less fortunate and vulnerable children’s lives.

Siyaphambili Orphan Village operates on the generosity of citizens who donate clothing, food and other essentials. We are not being supported by Department of Social Development and funding is scarce but that does not limit us from doing our work of advocating for the rights of the most vulnerable in our community.Protecting those who have lost loved ones due to HIV/AIDS and counseling child house headed homes so that they may be self-reliant citizens.


Our long term goal is to build an Orphanage that will enable all of our beneficiaries to be in the same premise so we may be able to give comfort and hope to children that have been devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. We hope that you may be able to help us achieve this long term goal.


Ask yourself how can you change the world for the better? What is it that you doing that can impact positively on other peoples lives? It does not take much sometimes all you have to do is avail yourself to your community and be the change you want to see in the world.




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