Healing through Religion: Positive Impact of the role of the church within our Communities

On the 4th July 2013, we were honored to have Reverend Sidney Ndlela from the Presybyterian church of Africa to spend time with the children of Siyaphambili.

download (2)We understand that healing the children of Siyaphambili also involves aspects of looking at the individual holistically,the physical and the spiritual being in order to empower the child to be a valuable self sufficient member of society.

Reverend Sidney Ndlela spent time with the children inspiring and counselling them through Christian values. We often forget that some of our children are dealing with traumatic experiences and it is through our different counselling methods where we engage with the trauma of being orphaned and at time dealing with the reality of having being affected or infected by the AIDS disease.

downloadIt is when we deal with these issues that we will be able to heal our children and enable them to unlock their own agency to be anything that they want.

We would like to thank Reverend Sidney Ndlela for taking the time to engage with our children on the holy word and inspiring them to be all they can.It is through partnerships with religious bodies and governmental structures and community we will be able to  take care of the most vulnerable.

Isaiah 54:13 – And all download (9)thy children [shall be] taught of the LORD; and great [shall be] the peace of thy children.

Our work at Siyaphambili is to also guide our children spiritually so that they may be able to be positive change agents in their community.

download (10)Thank you Reverend Sidney Ndlela you have left a very positive foot print in the memories of the children of Siyaphambili, God Bless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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