A time to keep warm: Blanket Donation By Islamic Relief to Siyaphambili

The Islamic Relief donated blankets to Siyaphambili AIDS Orphan Village in early June.We would like to thank them for putting the interest of the children first during these harsh rainy winter season.

In Cape Town, especially in informal settlements where most of our child headed homes are situated winter is a harsh time especially with floods, as most informal settlements are in flooding areas. We are grateful for the support as these blankets will help keep families effected by AIDS epidemic.


We aim to work with different religious groupings and cross cultural communities in making sure that the interest of the orphaned child are advocated for, it is only through partnerships with communities, religious bodies and government  so that the rights of AIDS infected and effected orphaned children are advocated for within our country.




Siyabulela ngexaso yenu( xhosa saying for thank you) Islamic Relief for your blanket contribution, our children will have a warm winter.

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