Facebook Hacked:Siyaphambili Public Apology Statement

Recently there has been some attention given to Siyaphambili Facebook page for there being distasteful inappropriate content being posted under our name. Siyaphambili Facebook page was hacked into and inappropriate content was placed onto it. We take this matter very serious and condemn such behaviour as it goes against our values and ethics as an NGO that advocates for children’s right.

We cannot emphasis the severity of this matter as it as direct attacks on the standing and the work which the organization is doing. We have reported the matter with Facebook administrators and will be keeping a close eye on the page. Please do alert us when and if inappropriate content that has the potential to discredit the work we are doing. In South Africa child neglect and child abuse are realities which Siyaphambili is working on minimizing with Government and other NGO to ensure that our children’s best interest are looked after in accordance with the Children’s Act as stipulated in the South African Constitution and as emphasized by our mandated work within the Siyaphambili Constitution.


We reiterate again we condemn this foul behaviour and action will be taken to address this incident.Siyaphambili’s mission is to restore children’s dignity and security by providing a home for them that gives them hope, care, security, protection and comfort. Siyaphambili advocate and protect the rights of children and vulnerable people by providing emotional, physical, health and psychological support to them and the family members who are available and present.


Siyaphambili Orphan Village

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