Building Capacity To Ensure Sustainablity


Last week saturday the Siyaphambili executive management  group held its second organizational development workshop facilitated  by Naren Sewpaul held at the Thembani Primary school in Langa.


The purpose of the workshop was to ensure and also understand the role organizational development, advocacy and mentoring in the non profit organization. The workshop was structured with various group activities that provided an interactive experience with the executive management volunteer team.


Key objectives of these series of workshop are as follows:

  1. Gaining support and commitment from team of volunteers
  2. Clarify goals and vision of Siyaphambili
  3. Clairity of responsibilities and roles of each volunteer
  4. Communicate on progress and planning of funding opportunities
  5. Creating systems for sustainability of the organization
  6. Ensuring systems of accountability


Executive Management volunteers that attended the workshop were, Mr. Mzwandile Mdidimba ( Project Manager) ,Mrs Nonyameko Luleka Gongxeka( Secretary) ,Ms Pumla Tokwe ( Finance Officer),Mr Mlungiseleli Dywili ( Advocacy Officer),Mrs Nomnikelo Sonkosi ( Treasurer),Ms Vuyelwa Gongxeka( Administrator/Social Media Coordinator),Mrs Nonthandazo Muhambazi ( Deputy Chair)


Core of Siyaphambili Volunteers:These individuals are true change agents who are committed to seeing progress and development within their community.

The staff that works at Siyaphambili there are three tiers to it:
1) There are Operational Volunteers, they manage the day to day activities of the organization, they are the facilitators and cookers, look after the children and facilitate the programmes:Ms Nomfundo Bavuma,Ms Nombungo Nonguazi,Mrs Nomnikelo Sonkosi,Ms Notembeko Manxiwa,Mr Pratick Katu, Mr Chumani Xameni,Ms Nomonde Mahlebza,Ms Thobeka Sothiya
2) Then we have the executive management volunteers, which deal with long term and short term activities such as strategy ,funding application, public relations matters,website,administration project management aspects and overall advocacy implementation :Mr Mdidimba( Project Manager), Ms. Pumla Tokwe ( Finance Officer),Ms Siphokazi Xameni (Facilitator /Child Headed House Hold Coordinator),Mrs Nonyameko Luleka Gongxeka ( Secretary)Mr Mlungiseleli Dywili ( Advocacy Officer) Ms Vuyelwa Gongxeka (Administrator/Website/Facebook Coordinator)
3) Then the third tier is the board of the organization however, we will be electing a new board by the end of this month as Siyaphambili Orphan Village mandates : Mr Mongezi Kweqe ( Chair Person),Mr Bhinqela,Mrs Nobanzi Gatya, Mrs Nonyameko Luleka Gongxeka ( Secretary) Nomthandazo Muhambazi ( Deputy Chair)


This workshop has been made possible through the funding of Forum Syd and we would like to take the opportunity to acknowledge their great support in enabling the growth of the Siyaphambili Organization and also their commitment to the upliftment of human right through supporting grass roots organizations such as Siyaphambili .


We will be having another three session workshops which last five hours per workshop and covering a wide range of organizational development issue so as to enable strong systems and accountability and sustainability of the work of Siyaphambili Orphan Village.

Thanking Thembani High School in Langa for their continued support to Siyaphambili.

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