Human Rights Day Celebration 2013 coming to Siyaphambili AIDS Orphan Village – Invitation and Program

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

Siyaphambili and Ndileka its founder cordially invite 
you/company/organization to come and celebrate
Humans Rights Day with us. In honor of this historic 
day, we have embarked on hosting a community gathering
with stakeholders, churches, businesses and the broader
Langa community. 
We request your presence to find out about the good work
of our organization
and also to advocate for the 
rights of our most vulnerable citizens, our children. 
We want to use this historic day to come together 
and share and give back. Siyaphambili Human Rights Day kids

Venue: Siyaphambili AIDS/HIV Orphange,
No. 17 Mshumpela Rd, Langa, 7455 

Time: 10 am – 1pm                            Date: 21st March 2013 
           Programme for the day: 

09:00h- 10:00h – Arrivals 
10: 00h- 10:30h - Introduction to Work of Siyahambili 
10:30h-11:45h-Dialogue-- people will break into groups with
12:00h-12:45h- Entertainment by Siyaphambili groups 
13:00h – Lunch 

We will have five groups participating in one of three groups 

1. Children group/ Creche group 
2. Teen Mothers 
3. Young Men 
4. Grannies group 
5. Young women’s group 

The Idea of celebrating human rights day is to highlight
the plight of HIVinfected and affected children, 
and years of hard work we (as an organisation)
have strived to ensure stability and equality to all our 
respected beneficiaries around the issue of human rights. 

Our aim is to host a Human Rights Day Exhibition by showcasing the
pictures taken by the children documenting their every day 
experiences, joys and ways in which they overcome or deal with their
day to day challenges. We will post all of the pictures on colourful
borders and place them around the home of Siyaphambili, others will
be framed and sold to visitors who might want to keep them as
testimonials of children who have made it through life despite their
unpleasant circumstances. 

All invitees will also be taking part in the activities which we at
Siyaphambili have planned in order to make it a fun- 
filled day for everyone present. 

RSVP: NDILEKA XAMENI - 082 3995028
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